Career Transition & Outplacement

Career Transisiton and Outplacement Services

Career Transition and Outplacement

As organizations change strategies, form mergers and acquisitions, and uncover an employee/position mismatch, career transitions are often the inevitable result.

Our skilled outplacement experts guide and support employees transitioning out of your organization. We give them the dignity they need, and coach them through the job search process. Our outplacement programs incorporate the use of guided one-on-one coaching and assessments such as Myers Briggs, DISC and Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Our methods reduce the stress of the transition process and apply effective job search practices that can land new opportunities faster.

Reasons Why Companies Use Simply HR for Outplacement:


We provide an upskilling webinar for employees who have been displaced


We focus on the generations who may need new skills in the marketplace


We help protect, and even enhance, your brand in the marketplace.


We recognize your organization’s reputation goes with the employee for life, and help you treat those transitioning with respect.


Our methods Increase engagement and performance with remaining employees who feel cared for


We assist with reduced unemployment costs – our candidates land new roles 40% faster.


Our programs can dramatically reduce risk of lawsuits.

Compassionate Outplacement Services

When you choose Simply HR for outplacement/career transition assistance, your displaced employees will receive:

Career Transition Consultants

In person, one-on-one coaching from certified coaches and career coaches.


Our focus is on quality and professionalism, delivered by experienced, proven career consultants.


Expert advice on job search strategies and activities that work in Iowa.


Strategies are based on real-world experience with actual employers and job seekers.


Personalized professional resume assistance and social media training.


Custom solutions for individuals from entry through executive levels.


Proven comprehensive job search tools and training.

Career and Outplacement Services

Our personalized coaching services for individuals enhances their quest for the next perfect job and career. Additionally, our cost-effective outplacement services have broad applications for organizations, large and small, in both the private and public sector.

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Our two Programs offered

50+ & Displaced
This program is for those over 50+ who have been displaced and looking for the next chapter in theirs live.   We assist with resumes, interview skills, digital networking, LinkedIn profile, and entrepreneurship exploration.

Career Changes
Our coaches work through a self-discovery assessment to help uncover new possibilities. We help solidify employee confidence to transition smoothly into the next phase leveraging existing talents, interests and skills.

How To Build A Compassionate Workplace, One Generation at a Time

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