HR Services

Taking the headache out of HR issues.

Multi-Generational and Diversity Training

Respecting your people unique perspectives puts you ahead of the competition.

Career Transition Services

Tools and guidance to accelerate and simplify the transition.

A Catalyst for Cultural Change

Guiding a multi-generational workforce into an inclusive culture.

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A Catalyst for Cultural Change

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In a Multi-Generational Workforce


What We Do

Flexible, cost-effective solutions for your business


Multi-Generational and Diversity Training


For the first time in our history organizations are comprised of multiple generations working side by side. We offer generational and leadership training to meet the needs of today’s workplace.




Our team of Human Resource Professionals realize that each organization and company is unique with different needs and different workforces. Therefore, we believe that HR solutions and strategies must be customized to address these differences.


Career Transisiton Services


Organizations sometimes find themselves in a position to downsize or layoff executives and team members. Its’ an uncertain and uncomfortable time, filled with emotions and details. And many companies want to do right by their former employees. This is where Outplacement Coaching enters the picture.

Who We Are

We understand the importance of having an inclusive culture where everyone belongs is critical to an organization success.

Simply HR Inc. Provides fully customized, comprehensive and cost-effective diversity training, human resources and outplacement solutions for businesses. A trusted advisors to companies large and small, we deliver expert guidance and hands on support you need so you can stay focus on your business.

Why Simply HR Inc.

Today’s business is rapidly changing and growing and you need a trusted partner to help you manage the most important asset: YOUR PEOPLE. From HR compliance to training we can customize affordable solutions for your company that meet your needs.

Recent Blog Post

How to Engage a Multi-Generation Workforce Remotely

How to Engage a Multi-Generation Workforce Remotely

Within certain industries, such as tech, many appear to recruit a young and vibrant base of professionals. However, focusing only on individuals in their 20s and 30s is not cultivating a full spectrum of talent. With a multi-generation workforce, you can harness...

How To Build A Compassionate Workplace, One Generation at a Time

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Simply HR Inc., was instrumental in helping us with an HR structure. We were able to fully scale our business and streamline our processes with the help of Simply HR, Inc.

Mathew Morris| CEO, MM Media


Simply HR team provided some great tools and technique on cross generational. Team collaboration. We walked away with a C.A.R.E. Model which increase more collaboration among our team which resulted in increased sales revenue

Ricky Fields | VP of Sales, HP


We hire Simply HR, Inc. to provide a leadership training program. We saw a reduction in leadership complaints and more productivity among employees.

Donna Scott| HR Manager, Formetco


Tonia was a rockstar at the Global Fluency conference. Her speaking style is so dynamic, which made the talk so much more engaging and interesting. I had several colleagues ask to book her for their upcoming conferences as well - I'd highly recommend Tonia for any speaking engagements.

Ashleigh Poff | HR CSP, Rich Beyond Wealth, LLC


I hired Tonia to coach me and help me better prepare for job interviews. This, was one of the best career decisions I’ve ever made. Being a coach myself I could tell that she applied the best-in-class coaching methods and allowed me to overcome my personal barriers and achieve my career goals. The valuable tools she gave me accompanied me throughout my transition and allowed me to land on my dream job! In addition to being a coach Tonia has unique, infectious and endless positive energy which makes her the perfect coach! I truly recommend working with her. She is a real star!

Victoria Feldman | Sr. Leadership Development Business Partner, Amazon


From the moment I heard her speak I knew she was special. It’s like she was sent to me. I met Tonia at an online GGOB conference. She was so impactful and spoke from her heart. We stayed in touch and today she’s my coach. Tonia is more than a coach, she’s a gift. A gift that helps see and embrace your gift. If you’re looking for a coach who will work tirelessly to support you then work with Tonia! If you’re looking to learn the speaking business, hire Tonia! If you’re looking to grow - hire Tonia and get ready to shine!

Lisa Bien | Motivational Speaker, TV Personality


Serendipity is the word I would use to describe meeting Tonia Morris. I thought I was attending an HR training, however I found myself engaged in one of the most impactful sessions in my career which would later change my mindset and career trajectory. The thing that was most impressive was her authenticity and genuine passion to guide myself (and others) to success after the crowd dispersed. She answered questions and provided resources to elevate and inspire us to work towards the next level

Gimmel Juggins | MPA, SHRM-SCP, HR Business Partner, Neighbor To Family


We hired Simply HR, Inc. to help our leaders to lead more inclusively. Working with Simply HR, Inc. we learn that our culture was in need of transformation. The tools such as the survey, the C.A.R.E. Model really provided us an eye opening that we had much work to do. After working with Simply HR, Inc., we’ve seen more transparency, accountability and collaboration among leaders and employees. Our DEI work has begun and we are seeing tremendous results in our turn over, clearer communication and HUGE employee engagement!

Barbara Wayne | Customer Service Manager, Bureau of Revenue Collections

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