A Catalyst for Culture Change

in a Multi-Generational Workforce

A Catalyst for Culture Change

Simply HR, Inc. is a Human Resources Consulting and Training firm based in Georgia whose mission is to connect the multi-generations in today’s workforce through Generational Legacy, Generational Inclusiveness and Generational Leadership. Our history for the past 12 years has been to facilitate the transformation of workplace culture, and the creation of a generational friendly workplace through a change in organizational mindset.

We are the number one resource for connecting generations in the workplace. We have worked with a diverse group of clients, globally and domestically. We pride ourselves in our ability to develop strategies that integrate people and processes to ensure a win-win situation. We deliver measurable results for the organization and the new CUSTOMER, “the employee.”

HR professionals

Experience the benefits of partnering with us:

Our team has over 50 years of solid Human Resources Management experience in many key industries such as Private, Government, and Public Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies.

We have extensive experience with growing and emerging organizations, who have boosted their growth through mergers and acquisitions versus organic growth.

We provide customized solutions to support the growth of your people, your most invaluable asset, and your business.

We provide you with individualized and personalized attention with experienced HR professionals.

A Catalyst for Culture Change

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